High School

10 or 11 Years of Schooling

Foundation Course

9 to 12 Months

Degree Course

3 or 4 Years

Masters Degree

1 or 2 Years



  1. Business & Management
  2. Science
  3. Health Science
  4. Arts
  5. Engineering
  6. Accountancy
  7. Commerce
  8. Law
  9. Information Technology
  10. Design

Your target degree is well defined

Pre-university education that you can complete quickly

Guaranteed Offer in the university of your choice

Having decided to become a doctor, are you now looking for a place to study? Choosing Science Foundations is the right choice!


Maybe you are thinking of becoming an Accountant, meaning you can take Foundation in Business or Accounting.


You can further customize your syllabus by choosing specific subjects as part of the foundation programmes so that they prepare you well for your future studies.

As you know what you want to be, nothing can stop you. Your next step is to get a bridging course for you to get from High School to your degree programme.


Our Foundation programme allows you to do just that in as little as a year, making it one of the fastest courses available.

A foundation program endorsed by the university would be ideal if you wish to study for a Bachelor’s degree at the same institution.


As part of your admission to the foundation course, most foundation course providers will provide you with a conditional offer from the university.